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Golden Grove's family farm has grown peanuts for generations and began the company as an avenue to add value to their North Carolina crop.  The Golden Grove family takes pride in providing their North Carolina products to customers domestically and internationally.

peanut digger

Golden Grove's processing facility was founded in 2007 when the company purchased the Mt. Olive Candy Company and began production of the Carolina Crisp Peanut Bar.  Soon after, equipment to process farmer stock peanuts was put into place.  Now, the company not only processes in-shell peanuts, but also shells, roasts, salts, and packages Virginia Peanuts.

peanut processing

Before processing peanuts, Golden Grove began as a peanut buying point.  Today, the company serves farmers all across Eastern North Carolina.  If you are a grower interested in selling your peanuts, please CONTACT US.

peanut shipping
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